Lowongan Kerja di Kedubes Amerika Serikat

on Sunday, December 30, 2012


  • Protocol (Program Assistant), FSN-8*; FP-6* U.S. Mission to ASEAN
  • Position Grade: FSN-8* or FP-6* NOR)
  • Cultural Affairs Assistant (Media Coordinator/Educational Advisor) FSN-8*; FP-6*
  • Security Investigator Assistant, FSN-8*, FP-6*
  • Mechanic (Electrician), FSN-4*; FP-AA*
  • Plumber, FSN-4*, FP-AA*
  • SD Guard, FSN-4*, FP-AA*
  • Guard, FSN-3*, FP-BB*
  • Guard (Watchman), FSN-2*, FP-CC*
  • SD Guard Supervisor, FSN-7*, FP-7* - Re-advertised
  • Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB
  • Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB*
  • Maintenance Supervisor (Associated Shop), FSN-8*; FP-6*
  • Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB*
  • Guard (Protective Security), FSN-5*; FP-9*
  • Security Investigator, FSN-8*; FP-6* Re-advertised
  • Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB* MCC/JKT
  • Mechanic Carpenter, FSN-4*; FP-AA* Re-advertised
  • Guard Supervisor (Deputy Commander), FSN-6*; FP-8*
  • L-Guards (Patrol), FSN-4*; FP-AA*
  • L-Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*, FP-9*


  • Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Coordinator, FP-6
  • Roving Administrative Clerk, FP-9/FP-8
  • Security Escort in FMU, FP-9
  • English Language Instructor, FP-6
  • Registered Nurse, FP-6


  • SD Guard, FSN-4*; FP-AA*
  • Security Investigator, FSN-9*; FP-5*
  • Consular Asisstant, FP-7
  • Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*; FP-9* RSO/SBY
  • Guard, FSN-3*; FP-BB* RSO/SBY
  • Guard (Patrol), FSN-4*, FP-AA*
  • Guard (Watchman), FSN-2*, FP-CC*

Other Employment Opportunities

  • Peace Corps: Training and Evaluation Assistant (Indonesian Citizen)
  • Peace Corps Medical Officer
  • Career at State & Foreign Service Officer Test Info
  • Employment Opportunities at USAID Washington D.C.
  • Federal Jobs & Employment
  • United Nation Employment
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